Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Story Matters

As my long-term readers know, I am passionate about getting people's stories written down. Quite honestly, I am going to start a movement. Seriously! Everywhere I go nowadays, I end up giving a brief synopsis of my story. That story includes discovering that my father worked for Naval Intelligence during WWII as a codebreaker. And to be quite honest and graphic, if he'd died ten years ago, nobody would have ever known this story. Have you ever really considered that? Writing down the stories of our loved ones is so important! Nobody is promised tomorrow. The time is now! I'm not completely sure how to get that message across, but I WILL do it.

Whenever I share my story, invariably, someone else will have a similar one. Or they will have had the opportunity to have heard someone's story, but missed it when the person suddenly died or was stricken with Alzheimers or whatever.

Write Now - because it's later than you think.

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