Friday, November 12, 2010

The Color Red

I admit it. I have a problem with red. I don't like it. And it's not just that it looks terrible on me either! Seriously, it's not. It's the red on white. Wait, I do love the flag and my country. So that red and white is OK. Here's the real reason;

RED INK ON WHITE PAPER MEANS YOU'VE DONE SOMETHING BAD! I know it sounds juvenile but that's my perception. What was it with red pens in the 1960's and 1970's anyway? Were there no other colors invented? Maybe I'm a bit neurotic, but whenever I got a school assignment back, I looked for those red streaks of blood to tell me what I was bad at. Occasionally, the teacher would use the same pen to write a compliment on the paper, but I quickly skipped over that and looked for the check marks, the "-2" and the "see me!"'s (how'd you like that grammar?)

I taught school for almost 15-years and I am proud to say I never, ever used a red pen to correct. Never! I used purple or green or whatever but not red. Heaven knows I did not want to create a phobia in on of my dear students! I loved them. Those who love, don't use red.

So, enough babbling. Back to the "red edit." It just so happens that they don't make red highlighters. I haven't found one anyway. And with my aversion to red, why would I look very hard. So, while my folder is red, my pen and highlighter for the red edit, What does pink say?

Pink says pretty, happy, and soft. In editing, it says, "Whoopsie daisy, let's look at this tiny little thing again." It says, "You know, this was so good I'm embarassed to even bring this up, but let's look at this again."

Am I neurotic? Don't answer that. Anyone else have a red pen phobia? Don't answer that. No wait. Answer. No, don't...

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