Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bridge Anyone? Moving Beyond the Expectations of your Life

photo courtesy of Karen L. Alaniz

My favorite television news show is "Sunday Morning" on CBS. It is on, of course-Sunday mornings. You can look at some of the stories here; This morning there was a profile on the card game of Bridge. The camera scans a room of mostly gray haired people at a tournament in California. It's not one of those top tournaments. I thought I recognized someone at one of the tables and sure enough I did. It was Bill Gates.

The story was about the game of Bridge and how young people aren't playing it. Bill Gates as well as a few other billionaires have put a million dollars of their own money into elementary schools to be sure that game doesn't become extinct. But just like a church sermon, I often miss the main point but pick up something life-changing none-the-less. When the interviewer asked Bill Gates if he was good at Bridge, I had one of those moments.

Gates said, 'Well, no. But I get to play with people who are so much better than I am.'

And that comment got me to thinking. I think it's human nature that we're attracted to people who are like us. Our friends are usually within our own socio-economic status. They hang out at the same places, participate in the same activities, and rise to the same levels of aspiration. Bill Gates, of all people, could sit back and just enjoy being with people like him. And yet, he chooses to be with people who are better than him at something. How can I break out of my comfortable life? Do I want to? Do I really want to? What changes might I have to make in order to move above and beyond where I am now? What difference might it make in my life, in my writing, in my ability to succeed?

How about you? Do you want to move beyond the expectations of your daily life? Our lives are a series of steps- some small, some large. What steps can you take today to get there? Where do you want to be ten years from now? How about 20, 30, or even 50? But more importantly, where do you want to be six months from now? How will it look different than today?

I am open to ideas. Please do share! ~Karen


Travis Erwin said...

No timelines but my ultimate goal is to make a living with my writing.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Hey, me too. If you "make it" first, could you send some of that money my way. I promise to make good use of it. OK, just kidding. ~Karen

Desertdaze said...

I am also trying to break into writing for a living. Hope we all make it. Mary Keegstra (Desert Daze) on Plurk.