Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini-Memoir Monday: Chilly

"I haven't thought about that in years?"

"I'd completely forgotten about that?"

Those are phrases that often escape our lips when a something stirs a memory. It happens all the time, but often, we don't give it another thought. We don't let it blossom. And it can start with a single word or a single item that you see in the grocery store or on the television.

One word is all you often need to evoke a memory. This week, let's focus on all things frozen. Choose a word below and write about the memory that first comes to your mind;

* Popsicle
* Ice Cube
* T.V. Dinner or frozen dinner
* Snowstorm
* Icicle
* Snow Day
* Frozen
* Stuck in the Snow
* Frigid
* Below Zero
* Snowplow
* Shoveling Snow
* Antarctica
* Alaska

We could go on and on, couldn't we. But you get the idea. Did one of those pull a memory out of the cobwebs for you? Several did for me. Do share? I always love hearing your stories. But if you don't share it with me, share it with SOMEONE. Your story matters!

And Write Now - Because it IS Later than you Think! ~Karen

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