Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chicago Trip: First!

As promised, this week I am blogging about my trip to Chicago. I meet with the publishing company on Friday. But my husband and I arrived a few days early so we could do a little sight-seeing. We wasted no time getting into the Chicago scene. First stop; food...what else? We went to Gino's for Chicago style pizza. A few hours after arriving at our hotel, I used my new android phone to help us find a good place to eat. And boy, did it ever. We were both starving so when the waiter let us know it would take 45 minutes to get our pizza, we practically glared at him.

But then we got the pizza. Honestly, it looked a bit of a mess. It wasn't carefully crafted to be eaten by hand. The cheese was real mozzarella - not the packaged, pre-shredded kind. The sauce was more of a spaghetti sauce; chunks of tomatoes. The pepperoni wasn't greasy and the crust...oh, the crust. Made right there while we waited, it was just amazing. We ordered our pizza and were both full within one or two pieces. And we were STARVING! Neither of us could believe how filling it was. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend coming here just for the pizza.

So, that's the story so far. Oh, and notice the wall decor. I'll let you guess what it is! Guess away!


Linda Austin said...

I love Chicago and grew up an hour's drive away, but I don't recall ever eating at Gino's, just hearing delicious stories about it. It looks like the walls are covered in graffiti - did you add your autograph to it?

Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

Really! It's not at all what I expected. We are really enjoying it and already talking about coming back. So much to see and do.

You win the prize - it's graffiti! Every surface imaginable is covered with it! Very unique, to say the least!

DeAnne said...

So exciting for you and Ric to get to take this trip together!! We'll be lookin for you on Ellen, Oprah, and heck you should do the View as well!! So happy for you Karen!! Been a long road! Savoir every moment!! :)

Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

Thanks, DeAnne! And yeah, I'm sure Ellen and Oprah will be fighting over Great to have hometown support-thank you! ~Karen