Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chicago: Precious Cargo

Well, I hate to be redundant, but did I mention that the Chicago style pizza is fabulous? I'm not really a food afficianado, but I do prefer quality over quantity (opposite of my significant other). Anyway - loved the pizza. Did I say that already?

For this trip to meet with the publishing team working on my book, I brought along some precious cargo; a scrapbook and photo album. I'd been sending scans of photos, both old and new(er) over the last few months. The book will include some photos, but after talking to my editor, we thought it was a good idea to bring my father's original WWII photo album and the scrapbook that included all kinds of memorabilia. I packed them carefully in a rolling backpack for the trip. Then I hand-carried it from Walla Walla, Washington to Chicago, Illinois. I felt like I should have one of those handcuff things that locks to the handle and to my wrist. Such treasures, I was carrying.

It was a relief to land with the memories intact. I was tired but after getting situated and resting for a bit, we decided to head out. Did I mention we had Gino's pizza the first night?


Joanne said...

What an exciting journey you're on! How nice to be able to include photos and memorabilia in your memoir. That personal touch means a lot to the reader.

Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

Yeah, I'm excited that the photos will be used. There's even one on the cover. I'll be sharing that here soon!