Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicago Trip: Rock and Roll...McDonalds?

From the window of our hotel, I gazed out at the skyscrapers. I never really "got" what people think is so great about skyscrapers. They're just really tall buildings, right? Right. But looking out over the city of Chicago, I marveled at the height of them, the design, the thousands of windows behind which lives were being lived. My eyes scanned the horizon-less horizon. They really were majestic. I mean, just look at how that a...golden arch? Yes, yes it is.

Across the street and a few blocks from our hotel was a huuuuge arch. The "M" of McDonald's arch, that is. So, after a night out, we decided to go to McDonalds for breakfast. Inside, it was nothing like any McDonald's I'd ever seen. Not only was it massive, but it had an escalater which lead to the lounge. Leather chairs and sofas, with live palms behind them and a floor to ceiling window, made a great place a sausage and egg bisquit. Hmmm...why not? This McDonalds was called the Rock-and-Roll McDonalds. And we would soon learn that it was iconic. We gave up asking transit drivers and travelers where our hotel was, and instead said, "It's right by the Rock-and-Roll McDonalds." That got us home every time.

Fueled with a true American meal, we set out to see the city.