Friday, January 7, 2011

Are you the photographer in your family? That is NOT a good thing! Well, it's good for everyone else, but not for you, even if you like not being in front of the camera. Recently, I was looking for a photo of my father and me. I wanted one taken when I was a little girl. Do you know what I discovered? Apparently, my father never let anyone else touch the camera! Or at least not after I was born. I couldn't find a single picture of us. Lots of my sisters and I or my mom and I. But Dad and I? Nope. Bummer. We went through all of my parents old photo albums. I even asked my sister, who is 12-years older than me, as well as other relatives, just in case. Nothing. Maybe I was an unusually ugly child.

The funny thing is that in my own nuclear family, I am the photographer too. I've had piles of pictures processed only to find that it appeared I never went on vacation with my kids. (I was behind the camera, of course) So, my suggestion to you, if you're the family photographer, is to get an easy to use camera and tell your spouse, or even your kids to take a photo of you every now and then. ~K

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