Saturday, November 6, 2010

Edit 2b: First Edit (red)

The first thing I ever wrote was on a typewriter like this one. I am very thankful for laptops!

Of all the lovely supplies I now have in hand, I am ready to begin. The red edit is the first printed out on paper edit. After printing the whole document, the fun begins. I use only my red (pink actually) highlighter, clips, and folder. In this edit I am looking at rather specific things. They are;

1. Does the story flow?
2. Did I put up roadblocks unintentionally?
3. Does the end of the chapter lead smoothly to the beginning of the next?
4. Does the end of each chapter make me WANT to read on?
5. Do the characters make sense? Are there too many? Too few?
6. Are there chunks of chapters or even entire chapters that just don't belong?
7. Did I research deep enough? Is there more I need to know?

So, I suppose you could call this edit an overview, a big picture edit. That's what it is, for sure. This edit looks at story, story, story! After the first edit on the computer, this one starts to be fun. But it's also full of perils; like whole chapters that I spent my blood, sweat and tears on that just don't fit. But if I'm scared to cut something, I do a copy/paste to another document...and THEN cut it out. Back to work. Whether you are on a first draft or a final edit, remember one thing...there will never be a perfect time to do this. So, write now...because it's later than you think. ~Karen

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