Friday, September 5, 2008

A Chance to Tell Your Story- Today Show Contest

Hi everyone- I ran across this contest today. The deadline is Monday, August 8, 2008 at noon. We all have a story to tell, and here's a place to tell it. If you win, a song will be written and performed by a surprise broadway singer. And you'll be sent to New York city. Can't get any better than that. Here's the link;


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sue said...

In 2002 i started gettimg migraine headaches found out thru many CAT scans & MRIs i had a brain tumor that was blocking one of the ducts in my brain causing too fluid to build up on my brain causing hydro-cephalis had my 1st brain surgery on 4/15/03 to try to put a shunt in to drain excess fluid off. Failed next day, had to have 2nd surgery to rpair it. After 6 surgeries they sent me to Iowa City Hospital, sometime I was there i lapsed into a coma which i was in for almost 3 years! After 16 unsucessful shunt placements & revision the went to old school methods & did a thirdventricularoscomy where they put another ventricle in my brain.I also contracted Merca while in Ia City. I have also had bacterial menegitis 5 or 6 time(they think that is why i cant walk) I have lived in my own apartment for 2 years now! They said I wouldnt wake up from my coma & if I did I would be a vegetable guess I proved them wrong! Just wanted to share my story w/ you!