Monday, October 8, 2007

Getting Dis'd

It's easy to get down in this writing business. In the last week I've had a few acceptances and a few rejections. I went from elated to bummed and back up and down again. I suppose that perhaps when you are a seasoned freelancer, you take the rejections in stride. But right now, I just think, "That was a waste of precious time writing that piece. I could have been writing something that would sell." But then I catch myself and think, "But if you don't take a chance, how will you ever climb to higher heights?

I don't have any solutions. I just have to not let myself get so discouraged that I give up. Did you ever consider the word "discouraged"? We use it so easily and we think we know what it means. But if you take it apart, "dis" means "without" and of course you know what courage is. So discouraged = without courage. Somehow being without courage sounds more defeated than "discouraged." When I hear "without courage", I want to stand up, brush myself off and leap out of my discouraging hole. I want to prove "them" wrong. I want to write my head off (well not completely off...that would be gross). I want to do it all. And I think I can!



Eileen said...

Hey Karen, Interesting insight into the *without courage* word. Say, CONGRATULATIONS on those acceptances! I'd love to hear more about that! EE

Lillie Ammann said...

As Eileen said, this is an interesting insight, something I've never thought of before.

Congratulations on the acceptances. Don't let the rejections get you down. Where else can you submit the work? Just because one market wasn't interested doesn't mean it's not a good piece for another market.

The Quoibler said...

Rejections. Shmejections. You're a writer and that's something to be celebrated.

On a side note, while writing your head off does sound a tad grisly, I've often wished I could write my a** off.

Just a thought.



Karen L. Alaniz said...

Thank you Eileen- I hope YOU are submitting! You have such an interesting life.

Thanks Lillie- Good thought. I shall look for another place to send them.

Angelique-Ha ha...funny! Yeah, I'd like to work on that one too. If you figure out a way to do it while sitting in a chair all day, let me know.