Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Friday: You need glasses

Who wants to see a photo of me? Not me. But as you can see, there's something different about the photo and no, it's not the crazy grin! It's the glasses! I finally joined my family of glasses-wearers. (boy, was that bad grammar!)

Was I sad that my eyes were "aging" as my eye doctor so eloquently put it? Absolutely not. Especially when I saw the selection of frames I had to choose from.I just wish I could afford to buy about 10 pairs! I only need them for reading...bummer. But what fun! And the best part? I can read a book without stretching my arm out so far that I nearly dislocate my shoulder.

Yay for reading!
Yay for writing!
Yay for eye doctors!
Yay for seeing!

And so, my dear amigos, if you see me signing books at a bookstore near you, sometime in the future, rest assured that I will indeed be able to actually see my name as I sign it. You might even see the crazy smile...OK...maybe not.

Happy reading, and don't forget to WRITE NOW-it's later than you think!

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