Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brain Break

I sent the manuscript for my book to my editor at Sourcebooks, Inc. on January 10th. Woohoo! After the crazy sprint to the finish line, I was so looking forward to taking a break. And I did. I went to Richland and had a celebration with my sister at P.F. Changs - Yum! I cleaned my house, caught up on laundry (if that's even possible), got my Christmas stuff put away, organized my cupboards, and many other tasks that are all a blur now. Then, I baked a lemon cake, made mint cupcakes, Chex Mix, pot roast, loaves of bread, quiche...need I go on?

But then something disturbing happened. As I was putting away groceries from the long-overdue trip to the store, I found myself making a pyramid out of the things that needed to go to the pantry. Obviously, I've got too much time on my hands. It's time to get back to writing.

So, here I go again, trying to find my way on a path that is unfamiliar. Two things come to mind; I need to create a marketing plan for this book and I need to start writing the next (well, I am three pages into it).

So, here's to new-starts and mid-starts and whatever else lies ahead of me. Unfamiliar territory is becoming...familiar territory. Hmmm...

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