Friday, December 31, 2010

Photo Friday: A Fan? Maybe not.

I don't know why my animals keep getting into the picture these days. It's kinda funny. Maybe it's just because all my work folders and laptop and all that jazz are always out now. Or maybe they are huge fans of my writing. I have to try very hard to not be angry with Buttercup (named by my son when he was little).

She has a habit of catching birds from the neighbor's birdfeeder, sometimes on a daily basis. My husband calls it a cat feeder. And my favorite part is when she brings it to the front porch and guts it on my welcome mat! Appetizing! But when I caught her staring at my computer, I just had to snap a pic. I'm not sure that she's that impressed with the writing on the screen though...since there isn't any. She's staring at a reflection of herself. Typical cat!

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