Thursday, October 28, 2010

Editing the Book

photo: my dog, Togo. "Could you just hurry up with the editing already?"

My book is written and has been for some time. But, like most writers, I worked and reworked; edited and re-edited; wrote and revised--the first 50-pages until they were sparkly and new. Why? Because most editors and agents ask for the first 20 to 50 pages. So, that's where my focus has been. And those first 50-pages got me a book deal. Exciting, right? Yeah, that and the realization that I have a lot more work to do.

I've never had a book deal before so I don't know how most people do this. But for me, I've come up with a system. I am a pretty driven and motivated person. I like lists. I like checking things off of lists. As I worked on the first 50-pages, I came up with a system that worked. So I am applying that to the rest of the book. I am over half way finished with this first edit (more on what that entails next time). The first few days were brutal. I let self-doubt move in with me. Well, I've kicked it to the curb now, so no more issues with that!

I'm in a rhythm now and moving forward every day. I won't simplify the process and insult every writer's intelligence. It's hard work. Some days are better than others. But every day that something gets written, or cut, or rewritten, or edited in or out--is a good day.


Leigh Russell said...

I write lists and I also set myself deadlines. But nothing is quite as energising as the final deadline of knowing the book is going to print 'tomorrow'.
Congratulations on your book deal and enjoy the ride!

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Yikes! That's so true. Or I guess it is. Haven't gotten to that point yet. I'm pretty much just wingin' it right now. And people who know me would say that I always get things done, no matter how difficult a time I give myself in the interim. Did that make sense? ~K