Monday, June 16, 2008

Sneaky Foods

I think we've all had the experience of the sight or smell of a certain food bringing on a flood of memories. I recently had that experience with Doritos. Yes, Doritos. When I was in elementary school and my sister was in Junior High, our parents worked during the day. And although our they left us a list of chores to do each morning, we somehow managed to enjoy our summers.

One fond memory I have is of my sister and I riding our bikes to Fred's Market, a little corner store with over-priced convenience items. I would buy a large bag of Cheese Doritos and my sister would by a bag of Taco Doritos. It didn't matter that it was 100 degrees outside and we'd be dripping sweat when we got home. If we had a few dollars, we'd ride. Then we'd eat the whole bag (the calories didn't catch up with me until years later) while watching the twelve channels on our wood-encased console television. Sometimes we'd trade, chip-for-chip. Before Mom and Dad got home from work, we'd hide all the evidence.

Over the years, Doritos quit making the taco flavored chips. But a few months ago, when Doritos were on sale, guess what? I found a bag of them. Doritos is now putting two flavors into one bag, so I had to buy the taco flavored with some other newer flavor (was it ranch?). What great memories it brought back. And no, I didn't share them with my sister. Maybe I'll write the Doritos company and suggest they put cheese flavored with taco flavored; it is a winning combination. Just ask me and my sister!

What are your favorite food memories? ~Karen


Caroline Wilson said...


Let's see. Sausage. I remember as a little girl, my mom would make breakfast. Before she allowed us to sit at the table, we had to wash our faces and brush our teeth. Of course, it was unheard of to come to the table with crud in our eyes and dried drool on our faces.

I would be the first one in the bathroom. While everyone else was washing, I'd eat the sausage off their plates. So when I see a table set for breakfast, I think of the sausages :-)

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Sausages huh? That's really great. I wonder what your siblings remember? They probably don't remember the abundance of sausages...LOL. ~Karen