Friday, June 13, 2008

Quirky Tag

I've been tagged. I used to love to play tag - now...not so much. Oh well, when someone touches you on the run and yells, "You're it!" what else can you do? So here's the deal; I was tagged by Linda at "Cherry Blossom Memories." Here's the link . And here are the rules;
1. Link to the person who tagged me (check).
2. Mention rules of tag.
3. Talk about six unspectacular personal quirks.
4. Tag six other bloggers.

My first thought was, "OK, who really wants to know my quirks?" And my second thought was, "Do I even know what my quirks are?" Oh well. I'll give it a try anyway;
1. I only punch double numbers into the microwave.
2. I file one of my toe nails crooked so it will look straight.
3. Every night I visualize myself in successful authorly situations.
4. I take a handful of Atomic Fireballs (cinnamon) to church every Sunday.
5. I wait until the pastor says something funny to open the noisy wrapper.
6. When someone tags me, I pretend I didn't read their tag (usually).

I really don't mind the sharing part of yourself part of these tags. What I don't like is finding the people to tag who haven't already been tagged. Sometimes it seems I am the last one so it's impossible. I hope that's not the case here. If I tagged you and you've already been tagged, sorry. If this is your first tag, or first quirky one, just roll with it, OK? Pretend it's a popularity contest and YOU WON. Amy writes with humor and I'm sure she'll have something entertaining to say. Eileen is my cyber-friend from Russia. She always has interesting things to say about Russia. I look forward to hearing about her quirks...if she has any that is. Jerry Waxler is absolutely brilliant and an inspiration to those of us who aspire to get our stories written down. Jen is witty and smart. And I'm not really goin' out on a limb when I add "quirky" to her description. Sorry Jen, but it takes one to know one, right?

OK, so I didn't quite get six bloggers to tag. Linda (my tagger) didn't get six either. I know, I know- I'm pointing fingers now. It's like when you got in trouble as a kid and said, "But he did it first." Yeah, well. Linda was a bad, bad, example. I'm just following her lead. And besides, I was going for quality not quantity. My people (I like the sound of that) people, are quality people. Yeah, that's it.

So there you have it; you now know things about me that even my most observent relatives probably don't know. And they don't read my blog so I think I'm safe. ~Karen


Eileen said...

Hey Karen! Oi Boi! Let's see. . .do I have any quirks! (I don't know that I've been asked this before - not in polite compnay anyway - hahah) I will look forward to this.. . =)

By the way, a Very Nice photo of you there in your blog. 100% Hollywood! =) E

Jerry Waxler said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for putting me on your tag list. I love the blogosphere, and all the different ways bloggers reach out, communicate, and create a sense of community. This tagging idea is kind of playful, and reminds me I need to be more playful. Another lifetime project. Okay, if I'm going to participate, I have to think seriously about having fun. :) (Hey maybe being too serious is an unremarkable quirk!)

Best wishes,
Jerry Waxler
Memory Writers Network

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Thanks Eileen. My daughter took it. She has all the tricks...20-somethings always do, don't they? She said things like, "stick your neck stick it in just a bit...OK, now tilt your head to the right, no wait, a little too far..." Oh brother. By the time she actually took the picture I felt like I was in a weird position that couldn't possibly look good. But apparently she DOES know all the tricks, 'cause it turned out pretty darned good. It was taken just before a dinner I was invited to with a bunch of authors. I'll be checking your blog for those quirks.

Jerry-glad you're challenged by this. I am really anxious to read about your quirks too. When I got tagged, I thought I didn't have a clue what my quirks were. I mean, usually we pick up on other peoples' quirks, not our own. But then I realized I was over-thinking it. I tend to do that...think things to death. My quirks are a little embarassing and I imagine that if one of my books is ever on the New York Times Best Seller list, it'll be something worthy of blackmail. But oh well, quirks are what makes us human, right? ~Karen

Linda Austin said...

Yes, I did not like Ritergal tagging me, having to think up quirks, and ESPECIALLY finding others to annoy with my tagging! Thanks for being a good sport and having some fun. It turned out to be kinda fun for me, too. Just nobody tag me again!

Caroline said...

I like this tag thing. How does it work again :-)

JenNipps said...

Quirky? Me? Surely you....know me too well. ;)

I noticed this a couple days ago on my incoming links, but since I had a big spotlight thing coming up, I decided to wait until it was past to do it. Let's see what I can come up with.