Monday, May 5, 2008

Rejection Letter Wallpaper

A month ago, I had the privilege of sitting down to a meal with author, Robert Dugoni. It was during my time on Bainbridge Island and I was invited by a writer friend. He said something that I keep thinking about. He said that he wrote a book and sent it out to agents. He got rejection after rejection. He put all of the rejection letters up on the wall, and then sent the query or manuscript out again. Well, one day he was looking at the rejections on the wall and noticed something. Many of the rejections had hand-written notes on them and many of them said the same thing. I don't know exactly what it said, perhaps something about the plot or characters. Finally, with that information, he went back and revised his manuscript. And it sold!

That story made me think. Do you think putting up all your rejections would work for you? Do you think it's negative? Do you think it would spur you on to that final celebratory acceptance? ~Karen

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