Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

What a difference a day makes, indeed. My mother gave me a pot with a large Amarylis bulb in it. If you haven't had one before, it's time you treated yourself. It begins it's life in the pot looking like nothing but a blob in dirt with a bit of moss on top. But with just a little water each day, and a lot of light, it begins to grow. It grows so fast that it really seems like you can watch it grow. So cool! So I decided to take a photo of it when it looked ready to bloom; see first photo. The very next day, today, its bloom was complete; see second photo. Within the span of 24 hours it went from mystery concealed to mystery revealed. Amazing. And it made me think...what steps can I take in a span of just one day which will propel me toward my destiny? What tiny growth is taking place within me which will one day, seem to be "all of a sudden" evident? I know it's there. But what can I do about it today? What can you do today that will bloom another day? Lets bloom together, OK? ~Karen


Eileen said...

Hey Karen, what a nice comparison - I guess analogy would be the word, huh? That second photo is so nice! See how using only the natural light (versus adding flash) really shows off the shape? Now, just turn it a bit so the blossom is facing the light from the window. So pretty! / Yes, let's bloom together! E

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Yeah, I am really getting to the point that I see very little benefit from using flash. It just washes everything out. Thanks Eileen. ~Karen