Friday, November 2, 2007

What's Your Motto?

Four years ago, I prayed a simple prayer, "God, give me a word." It was New Years Eve and it had been a particularly difficult year. Physical and financial problems persisted relentlessly. And it seemed that every single member of my family was experiencing some kind of difficulty. So I prayed.

I wasn't asking for much. I was asking for a single word, just one. God could save his books, chapters and paragraphs for someone who had the time to read them. He didn't even have to speak in complete sentences. All he had to do was give me one itsy-bitsy little word. New Years morning I awoke with a word in my head. You know how if you set your clock radio to go off in the morning, then whatever song you wake up to, plays in your head the rest of the day? It was like that. It was as if this word had been rolling around in my little brain all night. And when I awoke, there it was. What was this fabulous word? Do! Yep, that was it. And funny thing is, it actually made sense to me.

After a series of events in my life, my thinking had become limited and so had my actions. I felt limited by my physical problems and limited financially too. The word "Do" helped me jump the hurdle from powerlessness to powerFULness. The following year, I got a new word, and the year after that, I got two words together. But this past New Years...nuthin'. No word came to mind. So I've gone through the year without my motivational words...until yesterday.

My daughter came by and gave me the words. She didn't know I'd been searching for them. She had made me a burlap bag lined with recycled fabric. But the best part was that it had words stitched on it. (see photo) On one side in swooping letters was the word, "Live" and on the other side, in the same swooping letters was the word, "Life."
Live life! Could it be more perfect? It's time to live a's time to live alot.

So what's your motto?


nanowrimo word count- 2,200

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