Thursday, November 1, 2007

Let the Writing Begin!

Wow. Has it really been that long since I posted here? I guess so. Shame on me.

Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month. I got crazy and signed up. I haven't written a word yet, but here's my idea for the novel; It's about a worldly girl. She is fifteen and has grown up with her mother in the city (not sure about siblings yet). When her mother dies of a drug overdose, the state begins a search for relatives. Somehow they eventually find an aunt. And here's the hitch- the aunt is Amish and lives in an Amish community. So the girl is sent to live with her aunt and as you can imagine it's a culture shock to say the least...for both of them. Before the end of the story, the girl will have to decide whether to stay with her aunt or go back to the world as some Amish teenagers choose to do (it's called Rumspringa).

So that's the novel in a nutshell. What are your thoughts? Any ideas? I'm up for any and all suggestions.

Write on...because what you have to say matters!


Anonymous said...

Well, I love stories that involve the Amish. Always been fascinated by them. It's kind of an interesting idea. With your girl it will be kind of an opposite Rumpsringa. Instead of her being Amish and getting a taste of "the real world," she is from the city and gets a taste of Amish life. Quite interesting. I think this will make a great story. Will there be a romance of some kind? Maybe she shows her fellow the city when the time comes and maybe there is some drama around that?

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Hmmm...hadn't thought of a romance. I've never written one before. Also- I don't know exactly how to categorize this book. Is a book considered teen or young adult if the character is young? I'm not really thinking of this as a kids book, and if I do, obviously that will change a lot. I do want the girl to be 15 because I believe rumspringa happens at 16 and I want her to have to then choose which life she wants. Ah the drama! So you mean a romance with an Amish boy? Interesting...I'll think about that. Thanks.


Eileen said...

You're baaaack! Yeah! Seems like weeks Karen that you've been riding around on that fancy bike of yours as per the previous blog. ;)

Amish - interesting idea. I was raised in NE Ohio and in adjacent counties were Amish communities...had several family members who worked with Amish folk (as in my Dad sometimes had Amish sub-contractors back when he was in building), like that. Also several years ago, I went with my counsin Stanley (who's a veal farmer himself) to an Amish cattle auction. I wished I could have captured that. It was something out of a movie - horses and wagons in the parking lot - the way the sunlight came through the high windows into the auditorium, the clothes, the haircuts the smells, quite memorable. What flabbergased me was seeing how skillfully a young man who in a wagon behind two horses had them stop and back that wagon right up perfectly into a spot right at the loading deck, as I recall.

Best wishes with yer story! =)

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Hi Eileen- Yeah it's been a crazy week for me but leveling out now. I would love to visit an Amish community. But unless I get a grant or something, it's just not possible. So researching articles, books and photos will have to do. I plan to post a paragraph or two here. I may never do anything with this novel I'm writing, but then again...

By the way- Did you ever get my email a few months back?


Nita said...

Karen, I too love your idea. Reminded me of my sister's visits. Back when she was a teenager she'd spend part of every summer with us. Now, we're not Amish but we did/do live in a rural area. My sister lived in a large city. Recently we were talking about her visits and her daughter was blown away. Sis made the comment she never got bored at our place, there was always something to do. This from a woman who now is on the go 20 hours a day and juggles at least 4 jobs. Good luck with the story.