Sunday, November 11, 2007

Perfectionism or Fear?

My book, Breaking the Code-A Daughter's Journey, has been finished for a few months now. However, when an agent requested it, I found that "finished" is relative. Suddenly I found that I needed to "really" look the manuscript I did! I on and on. Then I had my dad read it to be sure that the WWII parts were accurate. Then I had a true "grammarian" critique it. And then I read it again. Problem is--whenever I read it, I find mistakes. They're small things like a comma, but still!

So it finally occured to me that perhaps I'm just procrastinating. Or maybe I'm afraid? Of what? I don't know. Failure? Success? I just don't have a clue. I think I need a psychiatrist. I need a good hard couch from which I can examine my innermost writerly thoughts. But alas, my health insurance won't cover it, so I must figure out what to do all by myself?

Just get it in the mail? Yeah. I have a feeling that's what I should be do.

New mantra: "Just drop it in the mailbox...just drop it in the mailbox...ohmmmmmmmmm..." (repeat as necessary)



Nita said...

Karen, you have a break today as it's a holiday for the postal type people. But tomorrow, girlfriend, put that puppy in the mail. Remember, nobody's gonna come knocking on your door and ask to be allowed to publish it. Darn it all! So, it's up to us writers to show them what we have. That means you MUST mail your manuscript (or proposal, whichever way you're going).
Once more with feeling: Please. Put. Manuscript. In. Mail. Thank you.:)

Karen L. Alaniz said...

You're funny! But so right! I ran into a snag, but I'll still "get 'er done." Problem is that there are two addresses for the agent. It appears that perhaps she has moved to another state. I emailed her office to see which one to use so we'll see.
But I promise, even if I have to drive 'cross country...I'll get it in her hands!