Monday, November 12, 2007

Is it time for a website?

I am told that it is wise and good to have your own website to promote your writing. And it is expecially beneficial when you are writing or have written a book. I don't want to wait until I have a book deal, so I began doing the research today by posting a question on Absolute Write website. So, in my "thinking out loud" mode, here's what I'd like to have on this website.

  • a detailed bio
  • photos-both historic (WWII) and current
  • copies of a couple of the more than 400 letters my book is based on
  • a link to myspace
  • a link to my blog - of course
  • links to valuable veteran sites
  • links to my self-created info. on creating your own website
  • a timeline
  • a guestbook

And I want all this! I am a starving artist you know. That's the part I am unsure of. I am not a techie at all. In fact most computerly things just leave me frustrated and running for the Blue Mountains where I plan to survive on the land...Ha! So I either need help or I need a super-simple web-hosting program. One that is as easy as setting up this blog would be nice, don't you think. Well, I'm up for suggestions if anyone has any.

Thanks once again



Lillie Ammann said...


I recommend WordPress hosted on your own domain for both your Web site and blog. You can register a domain name and pay for a year's hosting for less than $100 - often far less - and I think it's definitely worth the nominal investment compared to free hosting with someone else's ads and domain name.

WordPress is very flexible and allows you to have static pages as well as blog pages, so you can create and maintain a site and blog fairly easily.

I eventually plan to move my entire site to WordPress, and I've created some sites for clients that are built on WordPress (though none of them is as large as the site you describe).

If you have questions, I'll be glad to share more via e-mail.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Wow! Thanks Lillie-you make it sound so easy. Maybe I CAN do it all by myself. I'll definitely look into it and probably email you too. Thanks so much!


Linda Austin said...

Hi Karen,

You might want to consider taking a simple class on web design and maintenance before you sign up for anything. The setting up of a website with different main pages might be difficult, and once done may be difficult to change. I had someone set up my website for me, but I maintain it. It is helpful to know some code, too. There's also the whole 'nother subject of what makes up a good publisher's website.

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