Tuesday, October 2, 2007


If you're looking at that title and thinking that I must have spelled something terribly wrong, then you haven't lived. Nanowrimo is short for National Novel Writing Month. The premise is simple, you sign up and then write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. OK, so it's not so simple. It's a lot of work. But the idea of this novel-in-a-month thing is that you just write it. You don't worry about plot or punctuation or any of those pesky details that publishers make such a big stinkin' deal about. You just write. And I like that idea.

Several years ago I joined the challenge and even finished my novel within the 30 days. For me, however, it's not possible to write without plot or setting or even without automatically correcting gramatical errors. But it was fun and it was a wonderful story too. Later I edited it and sent it out to a few publishers, but I didn't know nuthin' back then. I know so much more now. I understand the business side of writing so much better. I should probably get it out and give it another go. But in the meantime, I took the plunge and signed up for this years nanowrimo.

See what I do to myself? I complain about not being able to balance it all, and then add another major weight to the scale. Life is crazy that way. I guess this will qualify as meeting one of my goals this month though. I vowed to jump out of my comfortable little life, four times. If I do it five times, I'm pretty sure the world would tip on its axis, and we don't want that. So four it is. Three to go!



Eileen said...

Neat idea Karen! Wishing you all the best with that novel project. Please keep us posted on that... And, *way to go* on getting yourself out of the ol' comfort zone!

Your goal of doing something new and deliberately different encouraged me last week a couple of times when I was out of my comfort zone. Happened that I was in St Petersburg (but not in Florida)and what I had thought would *probably work out* for weekend place to stay (in a dorm or with friends there) fell through, so I needed to find a mini-hotel to stay in. Thanks to some helpful friends, that happened just fine. But still, those days that I've come to call *transition days* tend to be a bit stressful as are transitions in general, for me anyway. But I was congratulating myself for taking the risk, doing something a bit uncomfortable and thought about You - *If Karen can do it, so can I!*

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Oh my goodness- What a compliment. Your "out of comfort zone" experience is so far beyond mine, it's not even funny.

So what are you writing Eileen? Do you keep a journal?


Eileen said...

Hey Karen, thanks for the note and kind words. No, YOU're doing things way outa MY comfort zone: a house, a spouse, children. See, I'm a bit behind (understatement) in those areas! PLUS you went to a salmon fry in the great Pacific northwest, something I've certainly never done.

A journal - yes, I do! One is the BLOG (and you've been there as I recall) - and I try to write 15 min a.m. and 15 min pm on a story or something for that (takes me a while!). Also fairly regularly I write in like a prayer journal my 10 blessings or 10 things to be thankful for. That helps keep me more even keeled. =)

Always enjoy checking your BLOG - always something new. By the way How Are you? (couldn't resist!) Actually, thinking about your more recent BLOG, seems to me that the question can be answered on a scale of 1-10 for categories: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and such. Then can go into detail if desired. =)

Later! EE

PS: karen, do you take any writing classes? I do - Writers Digest.com. Interested in if you do or have done.


Karen L. Alaniz said...

Well, let's see...since you asked Eileen...I'm doing pretty well tonight, except for the fact that it's 12:07 and I'm still awake. I should be in bed you see, but I was under the delusion that if I stayed up, I'd get all kinds of things done. But here I am just blogging. Oh and my dog threw up on her sleeping-pad, so I had to wash that...it was not pretty. But it's all my husbands fault. He fed her human-food yesterday. I've told him over and over not to do that, but he insists that it's fine. Oh and I did another out-of-box activity today but I don't want to give it away quite yet and...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz