Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Issues

Hi Friends-

Kind of a strange couple of days for me. I am struggling to bring balance to my writing life. While freelancing (magazines) is beginning to offer more immediate rewards, I find myself procrastinating on the book. I'm not sure how to rectify the situation, but I'm trying. If anyone has advice, I'd love it.

Another I'm one of THEM....I have ISSUES. Anyway- another issue is that my writing and family life isn't well balanced either. I guess I sort of figure that freelancing/book writing-is like owning a new business. A new business owner will tell you that for the first three years, the business IS their life. But I still need balance. No answers here today, just comtemplations.



Lillie Ammann said...

Not sure if I have any advice on the situation with focusing on magazine articles rather than the book - just something to think about. Sometimes we just can't do it all, and writing that's producing immediate income is higher on the priority list than a long-term project. But procrastinating could indicate that you're stuck on some point of the book or that you're afraid of either failure or success. Maybe it would help to think about WHY you're procrastinating.

Nita said...

Karen, sorry you're having balance problems. Like Lillie said, sometimes you just can't do it all. Maybe it would help if some of your queries are for the book rather than articles. That way, when you get an editor interested in the book it'll be easier to edit, work on. After all, right now when you work on it, you're working on a dream basically. But once an editor wants it you'll have a real deadline. Just a thought.

Jennifer said...

Sorry no advice? I don't do books. But it sounds like a lot of book writers do this. It's just hard to pay the bills with a book versus other stuff. But I feel for you. Believe me I get the balance issue. Having some myself as per usual. Good luck :)

Karen L. Alaniz said...

You guys are so great. You really gave me a much needed boost. And see how diverse your answers are? And they're all right!

Thanks! I needed that!