Monday, September 17, 2007

If Only

I wanna live there. Or at least visit. Doesn't it seem like you'd get so much writing done, "if only"? If only my home were more peaceful. If only I didn't have kids. If only I didn't have to be the family chauffer. If only I could take a vacation. If only I didn't have interuptions. If only didn't have any responsibilities (ha!). If only there weren't cell phones, televisions and Tivo. If only the world weren't so scary. If only everyone would just leave me alone...hence the photo. See that little cable? That's the only thing keeping the outside world out. And if it were me, I'd let only those who I like come to my house-on-a-rock, like my loyal blog-readers...oh and I might miss my kids too. But one little slip, and you're outta there. One negative word and back to the cable-car you to. I think I'd rig it with some kind of an auto-programmed ejection seat. I could program all the words that discourage me, like "can't" and "realistic." If someone said the word, out they go, flyin' through the air. Talk about immediate consequences.

Well, since I don't know where that house-on-a-rock is, I'll just have to figure out my own way to cope. And that's what I'm tryin' to do. I can't get rid of all the distractions of life, and truth-be-told, they are what makes my writing interesting and real. But I can learn to balance it all. At least I think I can. In the meantime, I know one thing I can do; I can keep writing. No matter what comes along, I can keep writing and keep sending things out.

That's all I know for now.



Eileen said...

My goodness, Karen! I finally decided that this is a minature house,not a real place. What a fascinating picture. And how fun to think of actually living there. Clever blog - living there as a writer and still being family chauffeur - and the possibilities there. How Did you manage to get this photo? Looks oriental! EE

Karen L. Alaniz said...

No, it's real. My sister sent me a bunch of pictures of unusual places to live. I just enlarged the pic. so you can see it better. I don't know where it is though.