Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stapler Emergency

As I prepare for the conference, I decided to print off the schedule with the individual sessions on it. It came to a total of 30+ pages! Then I went on a hunt for my seldom used stapler. I have one of those old ones- the ones that are like ten-pounds and would break your toe if you dropped it. My dad gave it to me when he retired from the railroad. Could that be symbolic? Hmmm...never thought of it before. Maybe he was afraid I'd never be able to "keep it all together." Anyway- that stapler is not like the tiny pocket-sized ones they make now. It takes real talent to lose it in fact. But lose it, I did. So I'm searching for it, thinking, "Yeah I could use paperclips but there is danger in that, especially for someone like me."

What if, that coveted agent asks me when the next break is. And I, trying to impress her with my organizational skills, fumble with the papers, flicking the paperclip into the air, as the papers fly all over her desk. What if I try ever-so-hard to correct my crazy mishap, gathering them quickly and knock over her Starbucks coffee. What if it spills on her lap and she gets third degree burns and paramedics rush through the crowd of my peers as they point and stare at me.

So you see...I've got to find that stapler. But I think God has a sense of humor you know- I found a box of staples from the 1940's. But no stapler. So now I'm super paranoid and I think I'd better go buy a stapler, just in case. And in my case, it's not just about keeping things together- it's about saving my career.



Nita said...

Did you find the darn stapler? Inquiring minds want to know, and all that. Besides, I'll worry about you being at the conference with your papers flying this way and that. No telling what chaos it'll create. :)

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Ha Ha...Nita, you crack me up. No I did not find the stapler. I'm house-sitting for a relative so I stole theirs! Good thing they don't read my blog. What is it with my family? No one reads it. I guess they figure they've had enough of me in person.