Monday, July 23, 2007

Truth in Blogging

So I've been reading the blog of my agent. Well, she's not mine, but if I'm correct in assessing her, I think I could buy her off with a good cup of Starbucks coffee. I'm really looking forward to meeting her at the PNWA conference (I mean what else would I say, she might get crazy and read my blog).

That got me to thinking- How honest are these blogs anyway? I mean, if I am aware of the need to censor myself just in case, how much more might someone like an agent? With that in mind, here is a list of 5-things you won't see posted on my blog after my face-to-face meeting with a real, live agent.

1. Someone should have told her she had a green chunk of lunch stuck in her teeth...and it wasn't going to be me!
2. I think she had garlic bread, garlic noodles and garlic pie for breakfast- breath mint please.
3. Is that really how they dress in California?
4. She didn't look anything like her website photo. She was so...old.
5. She wouldn't know a good book if it slapped her upside the head. (That's how we talk out here in the west)

What you will see in my post-conference post is total and complete honesty...well, in a censored, sucking-up, just-in-case , sort of way.



Jennifer said...

I think you were lying before about not being funny. This post was great. I think about blog honesty all the time and think IMO that that's sort of what blogs are for. I agree not to say lame or hurtful stuff say about an agent and I never lament editors becuase that's not smart marketing. But if I find out someone's been lying on their blog (straight up lying) I'd likely become an ex-reader.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Really? Well in that case, absolutely everything on my blog is the absolute truth. And by the way, if you had a sprig of parsley inbetween your teeth, I'd tell you. No, really!


Nita said...

Be careful karen, I've lived in CA, they might really dress like that.:) Seriously, you do have a good sense of humor and your writing shows it. Glad I found your blog.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Funny? Me? Well, you know what that means- it means that YOU just have to be a bit warped. Because only those slightly off the track "get" my brand of humor.Hmmmm...

Glad you're enjoying the blog...I'm enjoying that you're enjoying (and responding).