Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Marketing- Blogging

Did you know?

  • If you want people to visit your blog regularly, you need to post daily, or even multiple times a day.
  • Interviewing people is a good way to increase traffic. It doesn't have to be J.K. Rowling. It can be anyone that you admire who has information that your readers would benefit from knowing.
  • Controversy sells, so put on your pink tutu and do the chicken dance. But seriously, if there is something you have a strong opinion about, post it.
  • Posting a blog roll, no not the kind you slather with butter, and not the kind that is hanging over your jeans. A blog roll is a list of other blogs you find interesting or entertaining. Creating a blog roll on your blog creates opportunities for networking (linking). Each time you add someone to your blog roll, ask that person if they'd be willing to do the same.
  • To find blogs that might be interested in networking with you, simply google them (ie. writer+blogs). Be as specific or as general as you like. If you write only romance, google that. If you just want to link with writers of all species, google more generally.
  • And finally, according to an unnamed source, it is best to keep blog posts short...unless you are extremely funny, which I am not. So this is the end.



Jennifer said...

Holy smokes... GREAT new title. I really love it. And the sub-title captures you perfectly.Nice newbie tips as well and by the way this post was extremely funny; I'd have kept reading. You go you bad blogger you. Oh, I'll even add a tip; don't get frustrated, don't give up, as a new blogger it can take six months or more to build up a steady readership. The problem with most new bloggers -- they give up too soon.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Thanks Jennifer...Sheesh-do you ever sleep? Yeah- I can see why people would give up. I mean, here I am with a total of one (consistent) fan. Maybe I'll post that I have a copy of the new Harry Potter book and that in the end they all live happily-ever-after (ah-the controversy)...now that would get me readers! But alas, I cannot tell lie, so I'll suffer the doom that honesty affords.


Jennifer said...

Yeah, actually one of my networks wants us to blog about Potter this week to increase hits -- it's not the worst plan ever. But it would need to look real -- I have an idea. And, what's this word you call "sleep"?

Mysti L Guymon-Reutlinger said...

You have more than ONE fan! I love this post; it's a great informative piece!!

As Jennifer said your new title is FANTASTIC!!!

Keep at it and keep on blogging!

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Ah-Thanks guys. Harry Potter is a great example of spidering. Actually something "struck my fancy" this morning and I may blog about it. We'll see. Glad you dropped by Mysti-It really helps to get some feedback.