Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Conference-Don't be THAT person

During the conference I decided to keep a running log of what TO do at a writer's conference and what NOT to do. Of course, the don'ts were way more fun to keep track of, and the list is longer too. The following don'ts refer to the actual sessions.

Don't be:
  • The one who comes in late and then asks questions that were already asked and answered.
  • The one who comes early to get a seat in the front but then gets up and leaves mid-session.
  • The one who laughs too loud.
  • The one who asks a question which is really a comment.
  • The one who has a comment for everything.
  • The one who answers questions aimed at the session teacher.
  • The one who uses the question and answer time to pitch their novel (no matter how sugar-coated it is-we all know what you're doing)
  • Come in late and then use session time to ask for all the hand-outs.
  • Leave your cell phone on. This one is a personal pet-peeve for me. Switching your phone to vibrate is not enough. The vibrate mode is still noisy and if it happens several times during the session, it's downright irritating.
  • The one who asks questions to make yourself look smart.

OK so now you know how to not alienate everyone around you. Next time-Find out who you should avoid like the plague.



d-mc said...

nice! looking forward to more.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Ah...I see you made it over here. Cool! More to come...I promise!


Jennifer said...

I hate that person who has a flipping comment about everything -- especially in college classrooms.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Me too sistah...me to.