Saturday, January 21, 2012

First You Tube Video

Hiya, Friends! I've just posted my first-ever You Tube video. You can see it by heading on over to the blog on my website. It is book related and something I hope to do more of in the future. Happy Viewing! ~Karen


Anonymous said...


I happened across your book at the library and just finished reading it. What a touching story! I didn't know anything about the Japanese code, and I applaud you for persisting to find out how your Dad was instrumental in aiding our country. He is a true hero! My grandpa was in the navy during WWII and other than that I don't know much except that he was at Pearl Harbor at some point. I do know that he loved the Lord and that his heart was to share the love of Christ and the need for repentance from sin to find true peace(John 3:36). I was a teenager when he died, and I wish I had thought to ask him more about his war experiences. Thank you for taking the time to write this book and share with others!

Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

You are most welcome. It sounds to me like you knew the most important part of his story; I'm happy to hear that he found peace after the war. Feel free to visit my new website/blog at . And thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it! ~Karen