Saturday, August 6, 2011

Live from PNWA

What a great conference! I am currently waiting for a new session to start. The title of it is, "How to set up an Author Blog Tour." It happens to be on my list of things to do/learn. I will let you know what I learn! Karen


Linda said...

It's fun to picture you there. :)


Linda Austin said...

You'd be welcome to guest post on my blog anytime.

widdershins said...

Nice to meet 'cha at the Writers Chatroom today ... I like your blog's title. Says it all eh?

Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

It was great. I even have an agent that wants me to send her two of my books; one children's and one memoir. Lots of work to do! Thanks, Linda A. I'll keep that in mind!

widdershins- nice to meet you too! I'm in the process of creating a website too. I'll keep this site too though.