Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Friday: The Wall

The photo you're looking at was taken in the lobby of Sourcebooks, Inc. I had no idea what exactly was in each of those frames but the row of them was impressive, so I snapped the pic.

When I got back from Chicago, I emailed my editor to ask about them. What I learned is that each framed item represents something Sourcebooks is particularly proud of. Book covers are in many of the frames. Some are there because they are best-sellers. Others are there because the cover art is particularly stellar. And apparently, there are also framed letters from presidents up there. Wow! I wanna be on that wall. No really. I do. So, if anyone from Sourcebooks is reading this - let it be known. Karen Fisher-Alaniz wants to be framed. (couldn't resist)

You hear people talk about a Wall of Fame. But this wall was different. I love the idea of having a wall, or some other place, in your house where you can highlight what you're proud of. It would be more of a Wall of Pride...or something like that. So, if you created a Wall of Pride, what would be on it? What accomplishments would be recognized there?

I'm going to have to think about this one. ~Karen

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