Monday, April 4, 2011

Mini-Memoir Monday: Spring Sprung

What memories does this time of year bring to mind? My mom loves flowers. She can't pass a flower without stopping to admire it and sometimes even talk to it as if it understands her. Do you react to flowers that way? Does someone you love?

What about specific flowers? What comes to mind when you hear the word; rose, daffodil, or tulip? What color do you see when you hear those words? What shape forms? What smells? Where does it take you? Is a recent memory or one far in the past? Reverse this - if you immediately were taken to your childhood, instead think of a more recent memory. If you immediately thought of the vase of flowers on your kitchen table, stretch your memory a bit and think of the flowers of your past.

Now write that memory down. Open your laptop or your notebook. At the very least, open your mouth. Somebody needs to hear that story. Tell it. Share it here or with your family.

Above all, Write Now - Because it's Later than you Think! ~Karen


Linda Austin said...

Tulips make me think of my sister. Born in spring, she loves that flower. I love what you wrote in your sidebar - so true. I'm glad I got my mother's stories before Alzheimer's took over.

Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

Linda, we often think about stories being lost to death, but you are so right, Alzheimers and other memory disorders can steal them as well. I'm so happy to hear that you got her stories written. That's something that so many only talk about doing. And it's my passion to pass on the message that you just never know when your time will run out - it can be gone in an instant. I love tulips too, by the way! ~Karen