Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Friday: Breakfast with Elvis

Dad and I started having breakfast together almost ten years ago. Hard to believe it's been that long. Once a week, every Wednesday, we meet at Mr. Ed's. It's a local diner with delicious diner-type food. It's a popular hang-out for locals. The wine crowd that come to Walla Walla for the 100+ wineries in our area don't seem to find Mr. Ed's (they don't serve wine - maybe that's why).

At some point, we had the waitress take our photo with Elvis. He was a permanent fixture there. I say "was" because there was a fire there a few years ago, and Elvis did not survive. He was severely smoke-damaged. And we are told, he is now black-Elvis. Sad, but true.

My advice: Carry your camera with you every now and then and have someone snap a picture of what seems routine to you. You never know when Elvis will be gone! And while you're at it, flip that photo over and write a little about it.

Write Now - Because it's Later than you Think!

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