Monday, January 24, 2011

Green Edit: little bit o' this - little bit o' that

I've procrastinated posting about this edit because it was not a clean edit. I ended up using this edit to do many things, such as;

Grammar and spelling - identifying all the errors the MS Word grammar/spelling checks didn't catch or caught incorrectly.
Dad read it for the first time - from beginning to end.
Mom read it for the first time - she used to be a secretary, so she's really good at catching those little errors. She also has knowledge of the family and friends included in the book and was able to let me know if something wasn't quire right.
Chapter title edit - making sure that each title encompassed an important point in the book.
Cut, cut, cut - My word count was way over, so I cut about 4,000 words.
Final fact check - Checked with all involved; mom, dad, sisters, aunts, internet, books, and other references.

I still say that the red edit was the toughest. It was the first printed edit. But this one was tough too, for an entirely different reason. I had to let good-enough be good-enough. I was just a few weeks from the day the manuscript was due to the publisher. So, no matter what, I had to be done. In the end, I still had butterflies in my stomach when I sent it off. I think those butterflies just wait there for moments like this.

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