Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Changing Perspectives

("Wednesdays with Murray" has been cancelled this week. My son had a dental appointment, so we weren't able to go to breakfast.)

I've had a few dental issues in the past few months and my dentist may be able to retire early because of it. But this morning, my son was the victim...uh, I mean patient. He's getting ready to have braces put on, so needed to get some work done first. Though he's old enough to do it alone, he wanted me to stay. The dental assistant was kind enough to bring me a chair by my sons feet.

As I watched from that angle, I learned a lot of things. It was completely different from me being the one in the chair. I could see each instrument clearly. I could see the "dance" between the dentist and her assistant-how they flowed through each procedure. My son's dental work wasn't all that different from mine and yet, from that perspective, it looked completely different.

Writing is no different. It's all about perspective, especially when it comes to freelance writing. I often come up with a thought which is not even an idea yet. It's just a fleeting thought about a subject that might make a good article. By taking the idea, setting it in one place and then walking around it, I can come up with a variety of ways to approach it. I may even decide to discect it and create several different articles. I may look at it from a first-person perspective, or perhaps it makes more sense to go at it in a less personal and more informational way.

Perspective is everything when it comes to writing. By looking at an idea from different angles, you can end up with several articles for a single idea. And more articles translates into more money. More money means more trips to Hawaii and who doesn't want more trips to Hawaii?


Barbara Martin said...

Beautiful photo and good article of how you plan to get there.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Thank you. Forgot to note the photo. I took it in Hawaii in January 2007. ~Karen