Sunday, February 17, 2008

100 Years From Now

I have fabulous news. I just received my copy of a magazine called, "The Mid-Columbian." I'll include a link when it is ready. My article about the history of a local park is published in the March/April issue. This is very exciting for two reasons. First of all, the park I wrote about was conceived of 100 years ago by a group of women who dreamed of a city park.

The 58 acre park is right across the street from our house and my kids, when they were little said it was their park. It now contains some of the oldest trees in our state. They are beautiful and stately trees. There is also a playground, a man-made hill for sledding, a rose garden, and an aviary. Also on display are a bronze sculpture and a civil war cannon. At the center of the park is an almost 100-year old bandstand. Anyway- I just love the thought that someone saw so far into the future. They organized the planting of small saplings, the same ones we now sit under for shade from the summer sun. Makes me contemplate what I am doing now that will live on 100 years from now. Hopefully my writing will. Hopefully the people I touch today and during my life, will in turn touch another generation and I will live on that way. It's a tall order, isn't it? The life of every person carries the possibility to change the world. Amazing! ~Karen
P.S. Just realized I only gave you one reason why having this article published is so darned exciting. Guess you'll have to tune in later to find out the second reason. ~K

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