Sunday, December 30, 2007

Destiny Matters

I absolutely love watching biographies on A & E. I don't care if it's someone I'm a fan of or not. I don't even care if I have never heard of the person. There's just something about hearing about what someone's life was like before they were considered successful. Well, this morning, it was country singer, Toby Keith. Very interesting and not hard on the eyes either. And he said something that was really interesting to me, which relates to writing.The interviewer read a very positive review to him. Apparently he hadn't read it or even heard about it. He smiled and chuckled and was genuinely pleased. So she asked him what reviews meant to him. He said he doesn't give his critics any weight at all. Why? Because he reasoned, if he gives merit to the good ones, he has to do the same for the bad ones. And he added, "nobody's that good and nobody's that bad." Hmmm...pretty good, huh?

It's true, isn't it? Nobody is THAT good and nobody is THAT bad. All we can hope, is to be who we were meant to be. If we can do that, nothing outside of our destiny will matter.

Be who you are!



Eileen said...

Hey Karen, Very nice photo. I agree your post - reminds me of a quote that goes something like *I'm not as great as my fans think I am but then again, I'm not as bad as my critics think I am.* (Need to find the original on this.) Good point.

HAPPY NEW YEAR KAREN! For you, it'll be 2008 in what, 4 hours? Guess what - It's already Jan 1st morning here! =)


Jenn Hollowell said...

Oh, that is so well said!!! And, your last line is particularly important in my own head!

Happy New Year!!

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Thanks gals and Happy New Year to you too! ~Karen