Monday, November 19, 2007


If you're reading this, you made it to the first page of my blog! Woohoo for you! Now save it to your favorites and you're all set.

For everyone else, my dad is a master of all things electronic. He was way ahead of his time using a teletype before computers were a household object. He was one of the first to have internet in our town. So now he's determined to learn something to navigate a blog. Actually, he ought to have a blog of his own as he has tons of interesting stories to share. But for now, I guess he'll have to settle for my sometimes funny, sometimes crazy and every now and then interesting...posts.


...and now back to our regularly scheduled programing...



Anonymous said...

My comment is that I read your blog and and saw our pictures


Karen L. Alaniz said...

You made it! You really made it! Congratulations Dad. The only problem now is that I can't talk about you anymore, or I can but I can only say nice things. Darn! Hahaha! Love you Dad...


Dawn Allcot said...

Hi, Karen-Bob's dad. You're not Bob-bob, are you? ;)

That is awesome, Karen, that you taught your Dad about blogging. And wrote a very cute post about it, too, I might add. :)

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Well, it's one of the very few things I've taught him in his life. He's one of those people who knows a lot about a lot of things. It just so happens that blogging wasn't one of them.

Thanks Dawn and no his name isn't Bob. That's a whole other story...hehehe. I'll save it for later.


Jennifer said...

How adorable. This is how I felt when I got my aunt to visit my blog. She noted that comments were way too confusing though :)

Karen-Bob's dad; your daughter rocks. Great job!

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Aw shucks Jennifer, thanks! Yeah, I think it CAN be confusing. But once you get the hang of it, it's second nature.

Keep comin' back Dad-you never know when I might talk about you again...and you DO want to defend yourself don't you?


Murray said...

Oh you mean I am allowed to be on here more than one time!! My People Watcher Story for the day: Driving by the Park behind us saw a man with two dogs and he was pulling a sleigh across the snow covered lawn. Not strange enough so far, but ONE of hte dogs was riding on the sleigh.
I noticed my first time I put myself down as anonymus. I don't want to be that way but not sure what else to click on. Dad

Karen L. Alaniz said...

You're doin' fine Dad. Here's another thing that "they" don't tell you in blogville. If you want to leave a general comment or something that is not directly related to post that you are commenting on, just leave it under the most recent message that I posted. That way, you can be sure that your comment doesn't get lost at the bottom of the page or something. And now-on to those squirrels.