Friday, November 30, 2007

For the Birds

I've been trying to get birds to come to my feeder for a long time and they aren't cooperating. But then all the leaves dropped from my Dogwood tree, leaving only those delicious (apparently) berries.
Suddenly I am the most popular house in town. And word seems to be getting around, and not just with the birds-but that's for another post. ~Karen
photos: a few recent visitors


Eileen said...

Karen, These are neat photos! The middle one is my favorite - somehow you captured the motion of the falling rain/snow (see those little white streaks?) and also the lighting is interesting - see it hitting the little bird's chest from the front? That's especially interesting. Plus his little tummy pooched out to help keep him warm. Neat! The red berries nice too in the other photos. Karen, a couple of questions: Are these digital photos? and Do you use an editing program? =) Happy shooting! EE

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Yes they are digital photos. The only editing I did was on my camera itself. I zoomed in and cropped and then saved it that way. Thanks for the compliments! Photography is something I've always liked but lately, I've gone a little crazy trying to get "just the right" shot. You wouldn't believe how many shots I took to get just a few that look ok. It seems that the birds are camera shy. ~Karen