Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Risky Business

After hearing Jack Canfield for an hour and a half and being totally pumped up (wait- did Arnold say that first?), he talked about a really awesome book that he had to give away. He asked, "Who wants this book?" Of course everyone raised their hand. But one young man jumped up and ran to the podium and Jack handed it to him.

Lesson learned. Next time I will jump the seven or so rows, elbow and knee young children and the frail in the head. Dang! I should have acted faster. Actually, it seemed a bit staged to me, as in perhaps my friend Jack talked to the young man before the talk. (not as in, he brought his own people to give books away)

So, at the end of the magical evening, Jack said that he would sign books people had brought, have his photo taken or just shake your hand. He said he had all evening and didn't have anything to do until his 6am flight the next morning. Pretty cool!

Afterward, as he made his way to the book-signing table, he saw me. He kept following me around. I ducked into the bathroom and behind corners, but he was still there. My fans tend to be like that. Loyal to a fault. So finally I agreed to sign something for him (see photo), and then he was very happy. the real story: I stood in line for a bit. When it was my turn I went forward with heart pounding. I told him that I would be published in one of his books in December. He asked me which one. Then I got super-duper brave, having just learned that very valuable lesson from his talk. I handed him one of my cards. On one side is my personal information and on the back I wrote the title of my book. I told him briefly about it and then he insisted we get our photo taken together so he could frame it and put it on his desk. OK...That's not true. Sheesh, I'm doin' a lot of lying lately. It was I who asked him for the photo and my 86-year-old father took the picture (see photo)...see, not quite so exciting to read, huh? Oh well.

So this is my last post about my new friend Jack and the real question is, will he remember me? Will anything come of my figurative jump over those seats? I don't know, but if it does-you'll be the first to know.



Eileen said...

Hey Karen, Enjoyed reading about your meeting Jack Canfield. One observatin: In the photo, it's almost as though he's considering You the celebrity!

Here's why I say that - somewhere I was reading at a How-to type of website, how to get your picture made with a celebrity. And one pointer on there is to try to stay calm for the photo and not "over smile." The author said, have you ever noticed in photos of a regular person with a celebrity, that the regular person has the hugest grin and whereas the celebrity looks pretty calm. Okay, you get the point. Well, look at the picture of Jack Canfield with you. Seems to me that he's even More excited to have Your photograph. =)

So, congratulations! (PS - Karen, did you get my email earlier? If so, please just delete that when you have a chance okay so your 50,000 readers don't all start sending me SPAM.) THAnks!


Karen L. Alaniz said...

Ah Eileen- You made me laugh out loud! So true though. I'll have to keep that in mind.

And yes, I wondered about that. I'll delete it right now. Thanks!