Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hello New Friend

My new friend's name is Compaq. Yeah-strange I know. But that's what she wants to be called. I met her this morning at Staples and brought her home. She was so excited that she nearly jumped out of her box. She's lighter and slimmer than her predecessor. And she's lightning fast too.

My computer guy came over to help me transfer programs from my dear friend Toshiba to my new friend Compaq. It was awkward for all of us. (well-not the computer guy because he just doesn't understand the dynamics of our relationship) Toshiba bowed her head and I think I saw a tear squeeze out of her port. It took three minutes to upload files from her and only seconds to download them to Compaq. But still, she did so with grace. But I knew...yes I knew. It was painful to watch as she tried to retain her dignity. Then something amazing happened.

We were almost finished when I asked my computer guy about "Word." You see, editors all ask for articles to be sent as Word Documents. So he checked with Compaq. She didn't have it. Toshiba smiled slightly, but not in an obvious way. Compaq bowed her head. Now it was she that felt defeated. After some talking, Computer-guy explaining the new 2007 version of Word, it was apparent...I didn't want it. I wanted the old Word...the one that Toshiba had given me freely for so many years. Toshiba shrugged her backspace as if to say, "I tried to tell you."

It seems that age has its virtues, and one of those is a word-processing program that I not only want...I need. And so I walk off into the sunset...alone...stuck between two worlds. Toshiba is on one side and Compaq the other. Neither is perfect...and yet...both have their place, in my heart and in my life. How will this story end? I don't know. Can we ever truly live happily ever after or is life just a story book in which we must write out own ending? I don't know...I don't know if I'll ever know.

Do you know?



Eileen said...

Too clever, this little essay! My first visit to your site - I'll mark this blog and come back often! EE

Karen L. Alaniz said...

You will? Oh good. I've vowed to write in my blog every day for the rest of my life. OK...I lied...But I did challenge myself to write every day this month!

Come back'll be fun!


Nita said...

That was very cute KarenBob. I've been thinking of buying a laptop. But I love my desktop friend Dell, she just can't go outside with me. I don't know though, Dell has word and wordperfect (my choice) and will so kindly translate either one for me. Will a new laptop do that? Will I have to learn a new program if I get a new friend? Questions, questions. I'll be watching you for answers oh wise one.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

Nita-What I've learned is that some things can be transfered quite easily such as photos and documents. Other things like your long list of "favorites" can't. I'm in the process of doing that by hand. Of course, the first thing I put on this computer was AW. Love you guys!


Jen said...

This was neat! I hope you figure out what to do about your laptops! I don't know what I'd do without mine - or what I'd do if I had to use Word 2007, it's just...nah, I like the old version better, too.

Jennifer said...

You can get the old word for it I think though. Have you looked around; or wait did you you have it on your old computer; why not just re-install word on the new one?

Carolyn Erickson said...
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Carolyn Erickson said...

I once had a true but forbidden love called Lenovo Thinkpad. (I suspect the name has Native American origins....)

I visited Len frequently at Office Depot, where he was chained so tightly to the shelving that the most I could do is lovingly brush my fingers across his keys.

The story has a sad ending though. I couldn't wait for Len. My aging desktop was barely making it on full life support.

And that's when I met Compaq. (Mine's a boy.)

He and I spend almost every waking moment together...but in my heart I imagine the day when Len and I can be together.

So I understand how you feel. But you have to move on.

And I can tell you where to get a no-cost version of Word that some people swear is better.

On the other hand, maybe you're not fully ready to move on yet... Maybe a few more Word docs before you say goodbye to your old friend. :)


Karen L. Alaniz said...

Well see, here's the hitch and a lesson to all- When you get that brand-spankin' new CD...whatever it may be...SAVE THE COVER! It turns out that the little plastic cover or even paper sleeve, is worth the cost of the CD! It has the Key #'s that you need to prove to your new computer, that you actually bought it. I didn't know that back in '98 when I got my first Word. So I organized all my CD's, throwing away the covers and putting them into a folder for all my CD's. Smart huh? That's what I get for my moment of organizational fortitude (don't worry-it passed). So that-thar is the problem.

I'm just going to purchase a new one...darn it all anyway!