Friday, August 3, 2007

Help me Name Myself

I just set this up as a poll-see right. If for some reason, you can't access the poll, please leave your response as a comment to my blog. First a little background. My first and middle names are; Karen Lavinia. My maiden name is Fisher. My married name is Alaniz. I am a freelance writer and also have written a book. I want to be consistent with my name and I really need to make a decision soon.

Some things to consider;
  • My book is co-written with my father (Fisher)
  • My book is about our relationship.
  • Will Alaniz or Fisher be of benefit one way or the other? Fisher is easier to spell and remember. Alaniz is at the beginning of the alphabetized shelves at Barnes and Noble (hey- I can dream).
  • Will the hyphenated name be difficult to find?

OK. So here are the choices;

  • Karen Fisher-Alaniz
  • K.L. Alaniz
  • K.L. Fisher
  • Karen L. Alaniz
  • Karen L. Fisher
  • Bob

Please let me know which you like and if you have time, tell me why. A big THANK YOU to my writerly friends!

-Karen...uh I mean Bob...I mean K.L. Fisher...I mean...


WritingAllNight said...

Hey there, this is SJF from AW. I have to say I like K.L. Fisher the best. It sounds professional and is easy to remember.

But, it's great to have so many choices, think of the names you can publish other genres under! You're lucky!

Jennifer said...

Karen Fisher-Alaniz: no, too much to remember.
K.L. Alaniz: I kind of like this but also like to call people by their first name so maybe not.
K.L. Fisher: See above, although, it was the first one that struck me as marketable.
Karen L. Alaniz: I like this one best because I like a good ethnic name.
Karen L. Fisher: Um, kind of plain
Bob: The very best, of course. What brilliant girl came up with that?

Karen L. Alaniz said...

I assume SJF is SFJ from AW, unless there's someone else with those initials that my brain ain't computing right now. So one vote for K.L. Fisher and one for Karen L. Alaniz. Let's see- the only thing in common in those is the L. So for now, I'll be L. I think I'll go post this on the blogging forum and see if I can get more votes.

Oh and maybe I should have mentioned that my myspace, blog and email are all karenlalaniz...mainly because other variations were taken. I also know that there is a writer of historical books, can't remember the exact genre, whose name is Karen Fisher. In fact an article about her and her latest book came out in our paper and everyone was asking my parents if it was me. Boohoo! It wasn't.


Nita said...

Karen, I can't decide so I'm calling you Bob. Although L isn't bad. I mean, look at the celebs that go by one name, why can't you go by one letter. I can just hear it now, "Have you read the new book by L?" "Yes, and it's good. I love anything by L"
See? Doesn't that sound good?

S said...

Karen, I like the euphony of Lalaniz. I would, however, recommend sticking to your maiden name for writing. It is consistent with your previous writing (I assume), and will in some sense always be your name. That will give your spouse and children some privacy, should they want it. They can always point with pride and educate the ignorant.

Karen L. Alaniz said...

L. I like that. Madona gets to be one name. What if I changed my name to Elle? Hmm...

s.- You make a good point. In some ways I want to keep my maiden name and I think there are advantages for the book since it would tie me to my father, but maybe that's not necessary. I don't know. As for my husband and children, they want me to use my married name. I tried to tell them that some day I will be as big as J.K. Rowling and people will be breaking in to steal my manuscripts...but they aren't worried about that. Hmmm...still thinkin'...


Jennifer said...

"I would, however, recommend sticking to your maiden name for writing. It is consistent with your previous writing (I assume)" whoever this s person is makes sense. I'd like to withdraw my old answer and jump on this bandwagon. Now, off to find out who s is.

Jennifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

Never mind "s" is blocked. I have too many blogs anyhow. (that last comment was mine but I can't spell, hence the removal!)

Karen L. Alaniz said...

OK...just so you know. I had very little published under my maiden name. I think you all have helped me to make a decision. I am going to go by Karen Fisher-Alaniz. When our book is published it will give the person who picks up the book a link right away as in;

Breaking the Code-A Daughter's Journey

By Karen Fisher-Alaniz and Ferdinand Fisher

At first glance, the reader will be able to figure out the link...sort of.

But since I now want to write an entirely different book or series of books, I think I may go by Karen L. Alaniz for everything else. Is that crazy?

Karen Fisher-Alaniz

Mysti L Guymon said...

Using both names is absolutely wonderful. You have the right mindset entirely!